I had a nightmare about this piece when I was painting it, but I was under an NDA so I couldn't talk about it! Crawling Infestation for MTG.

AD: Cynthia Sheppard
© Wizards of the Coast 2021

@khurrum it's great! I love it 😍 No wonder why you had a nightmare about it lol

@khurrum It's always very interesting to me what kind of arthropods are depicted in these pieces. Can I asked how you chose the animals you put in ?

@StrepsipZerg Great question! It started with research on what kind of animals are present during a surface decomposition event. ie beetles, skipper flies, pupae, maggots, and then the animals that feed on them ie spiders, centipedes, etc. They were also selected for contrast so they are visible on a painting on a tiny card. Scientific accuracy was not prioritized as much as the composition and value of the shapes and that's ok because it's a magical setting and not really a scientific design!

@khurrum Thank you for your answer ! I think it's great that even if the scientific accuracy is not the goal, you still applied some logic and looked for references. The fact that I can tell some of these beetles would not be found in a "natural" version of this setting is a testimony to how well you represented them !

@khurrum To me it also adds a "twisted" feeling, like some of them were corrupted to join the infestation. I think it's a great illustration.

@StrepsipZerg Thank you!! That's such a great interpretation! :) And yeah, I try my best to depict anything with careful respect to the reference and the subject as much as I am able to at the time! Looking forward to following your account to learn more! Cheers!

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